Cool, my name is Dwight Newbould, Federal Law Enforcement officer, 26 years, diagnosis with heart disease, weight was 288 lbs blood pressure 160/ high 90 sometimes 103/80 eighties, now after coaching, plans, counseling and yes  shopping with Dr. MAKEBA, LESS DOCTORS, 255, BLOOD PRESSURE 120/ 60 sixties and less doctor visit and medicines 
I was introduced to Dr. Makeba by my family concerns for my physical and mental state after doctor diagnosis and so many meds.  She aided me with education, a plan, counseling and even went grocery shopping with me once I was health consumer AWOKE in the areas of food and medicines.  Today I am going good in weight loss, less meds, and some doctors have released me to not need to be seen anymore, praise.  It is not easy to change and believe you were led in away yo early death for profits by industries, Dr. Makeba is an awesome treatment to finding the way back to letting you body cell do the job of repair with the right ingested tools and life style.  I am so thankful and best funds Used right instead of no fast food for a year and shopping right at grocery stores and farmers markets, I made back the money three fold, coming from a Capricorn that is  blessings in it's own speaking...lol